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How Global CPE Deployment Services help Telcos and VARs expand globally

CPE deployment services are perfect for telcos and VARs that want to offer something extra to their customers. Having the option to install the equipment that they buy or hire adds value to the services that you have to offer them.

Being able to access global CPE deployment services means that your business can expand globally too. You can use professional and experienced engineers who are able to install any equipment that you require them to. Whether you need people to carry out a quick two-hour job or you need engineers to work on a project for a few days, you can gain customers around the world by being able to offer the service wherever they are.

It’s always a good idea to consider how you can add value to your services. Engineers deploy hardware and perform connectivity testing to provide a full service. Engineers are also capable of troubleshooting issues that may arise after deployments to offer ongoing care. Level 1 and Level 2 engineers are often used to deploy hardware onsite, including servers, routers, switches, wireless access points and more.

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(customer premises equipment) deployment services

CPE (customer premises equipment) deployment services are an essential service for many businesses, including telco companies and VAR businesses. Customer premises equipment can encompass a wide range of equipment. It includes anything that is located on the customer’s premises instead of with the provider of a service or elsewhere. It might be telephones or equipment required to provide internet and networking services.

For some businesses, their CPE deployment services might come from large companies that they use to provide essential services, such as telephone lines or TV cable connections. However, others might be looking for independent engineers to install this type of equipment. Perhaps your business is looking for a more affordable solution or you want to find a reliable service to install all types of equipment, rather than using a different service whenever you buy or hire from a different company.

CPE deployment services can offer deployments for as short as a couple of hours, or they can continue for a number of days of onsite work. There are various types of CPE deployment for different equipment that will help your business to install everything that you need.

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Desktop Support Services

What is Desktop Support Services?

Desktop support services work as a help desk for business. They deal with office equipment and end users to provide unlimited service. This includes hardware break-fix support as well as some technical guidance and limited support.

It’s designed to support and fix software and hardware related issues on the computers of the individual in the organisation. Those in charge of desk support services will work to install monitor stands and monitors, unpack equipment and recording serial numbers for tracking, install new user desktop systems and ensure workers have the tech they need.

Desktop support services also focus on removing old hardware for recycling and install software image on desktops while focusing on reimaging of desktops, too.

What is Laptop Support Services?

Laptop support services work as similarly to desk support services, except that the needs are ever so slightly different. They still work as a helpdesk for businesses, but they deal with the installation and implementation of laptop docking stations and performing software upgrades.

Old hardware is disposed of by the laptop support service team, and they focus on the installation of new monitors and installation of software image on laptops. They work on reimaging on laptops while troubleshooting all software-related issues.

Laptop support services also operate on break-fix support. You will get the help of knowledgeable support staff who can assist thoroughly on the new laptop set up and installation of software on the laptops.

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Site Survey & Readiness

What is site survey and readiness?

A site study is done before the organization of any equipment. The point is to gather all information identified with client’s locales as a method for getting ready for insignificant disturbance during and after organization. The site overview procedure comprises of designers who will finish surveys that help accumulate every one of the information required. This normally identifies with the system storage room, existing cabling, existing force, HVAC conditions and any space that is accessible in the system racks for new equipment.

Site survey & readiness checklist

Your Network Adapter: a ton of the information you gather is done as such by means of your system connector. It’s imperative that you not just have one that is prescribed and demonstrated to function admirably, yet in addition one you trust and get it. Become more acquainted with your connector so you’re informed regarding how it functions and how you can translate the outcomes with more exactness.

Utilize various connectors: following on from this, it benefits you to utilize beyond what one connector as you can complete different studies in the meantime, instead of doing them in a steady progression.

Bringing in your floor plan: you should import your floor plan, so it has sufficient goals to see every one of the subtleties you have to see. Likewise, attempt and limit void area as this equitable occupies screen room and makes it harder to see the territory.

Aligning the floor plan: you should adjust the imported floor intend to guarantee that everything is precisely determined when directing the study. Our tip is to utilize the biggest estimation on the site as it diminishes the dangers of blunders in case you’re marginally off with the measurement exactness.

Pick the way you walk: ensure you plan the way you walk when directing an on-location study as this will altogether impact your information gathering. Two top tips are to walk the edges of the room and walk either side of hindrances.

‍Common Site Readiness work


Site preparation is performed to guarantee that the region is prepared for you to complete your telecom site overview. Here’s the ordinary work that goes into doing this:

Establishment of racks: it’s a smart thought to utilize proficient installers as they probably are aware of how to position and introduce the racks without bringing about any harms.

Dmarc Extensions: this is basically a transmission way that begins at the interface of the entrance suppliers side of a telecoms circuit and finishes at the end point before the interface of the client’s premises hardware.

Low Voltage Cabling: this is organized wiring that helps bolster diverse computerized advancements and must be introduced nearby.

Backboard establishment: these are the foundation of telecom rooms and are fireproof. They’re utilized as a defensive obstruction between the divider and any introduced gear.

How can Field Engineer help businesses in site survey & readiness?

Field Engineer can help businesses find site survey engineers via our extensive pool of qualified and experienced on-demand engineers. All you have to do is post a site survey & readiness job via our platform, and we’ll find the best engineers for you. It’s a way for you to utilize the best of the local workforce without going through all the trouble of posting job adverts, conducting interviews, and choosing who to hire.

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